Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is Better Than Whitening Strips

Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is Better Than Whitening Strips

Professional teeth whitening is a safe, effective, and efficient way to brighten your smile. The main difference between professional and over-the-counter whitening methods is the concentration of chemicals. Professional whitening delivers optimum results in a short time under the supervision of a dentist. Whitening strips may be cheaper than professional whitening but not as effective.


What Are Whitening Strips?


Whitening strips are popular over-the-counter dental products that help remove stains and brighten your smile. Most people prefer them because they are cheaper than professional whitening. However, they are not as effective. Therefore, consider a few other reasons before choosing whitening strips over professional whitening.


Advantages of Professional Whitening

Professional whitening uses the same science used in whitening strips. However, it works faster and is more effective than whitening strips. There are two types of professional whitening treatments. You can choose between gels with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide and laser teeth whitening. Here are some reasons why professional whitening is better than whitening strips.


Faster Than Whitening Strips

Professional whitening takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes. A dentist does the procedure in their office. They will monitor the progress and ensure your teeth are safe from structural damage. Whitening strips require at least two weeks to deliver results. Depending on the brand, you may need to use them twice daily. You must also leave them in for 30 minutes each time.

At the end of two weeks, the best whitening strips can offer is a touch-up to brighten your smile. For significant and lasting results, get professional whitening from a dentist.


High-Quality Results

Professional whitening will give you high-quality results, not just a touch-up to brighten your smile. It will brighten your teeth using the best products and technology. However, these products and technology need a professional application.

Some people may try to achieve the significant changes professional whitening provides using whitening strips. They may use them for longer or more times than the requirement. It results in gum irritation and sensitivity of teeth. It may also erode the enamel and damage the structure of your teeth.


Safest Form of Whitening

Professional whitening involves a dentist who carries out the procedure in their office. They customize the whitening to your needs. The customization ensures that there is no unnecessary exposure of your teeth to the whitening chemicals. It preserves the integrity of your teeth and gums, making it safe. The dentist also does the procedure under careful supervision, monitoring the progress.


Use of Better Products and Technology

Before a professional whitening, the dentist will remove any plaque or tartar from your teeth. They will apply a liquid rubber dam on the gum, protecting it from irritation. Next, they apply a thick gel that does not soak into the teeth. However, it has a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide than whitening strips. They will then leave the gel on for a while and suction or wash it off when the time is over.


Dentists also use desensitizers that reduce the sensitivity of your teeth after the process. The dentists will perform the procedure while carefully monitoring the progress and ensuring your safety.


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