Why Missing Teeth Should Be Replaced

Posted on: August 16, 2018

Living with missing teeth can have negative consequences on a person's quality of life. It can cause other oral health issues, and the condition of your mouth is directly linked to your overall health. Living with missing teeth can also lead to a person feeling self-conscious about the condition of their teeth. This can have adverse effects on a person's personal and professional life.

The condition of a person's teeth is one of the most prominent parts of their appearance. When the person is missing teeth, others often perceive that as unattractive and a sign of poor oral hygiene.

With so many negative things associated with an unhealthy-looking smile, it is no surprise people with damaged teeth find themselves feeling self-conscious when they are around others.

Consequences of living with missing teeth

The consequences of failing to replace missing teeth go beyond social ramifications. Missing teeth can also lead to major dental issues.

1. The lost function of teeth

Every one of a patient's teeth besides the wisdom teeth serves an important purpose. Some help tear into foods, other help cut food up, while the rest are used to grind food down. The teeth are a part of the digestive system and help break down food before it gets into the stomach.

Not being able to properly break down foods can lead to stomach problems. It also increases the person's risk of choking when swallowing.

2. Alignment issues

When a tooth is missing, others around it begin to move forward as the body naturally tries to fill up the gap. This can lead to misaligned and crooked teeth. The movement of the other teeth toward the gap does not do much when it comes to restoring the function of the teeth that are missing, but it does add the need for orthodontic treatments to straighten out the person's smile.

3. Loss of bone tissue

The roots of a tooth serve a very important purpose: keeping the tooth secured to the jawbone and the bone tissue surrounding it properly stimulated. When a person's jawbone is not being properly stimulated, it often disintegrates. This leads to a few serious dental issues. The gums begin to pull back, weakening the surrounding teeth. This can eventually lead to them falling out as well. In addition, the teeth on the opposite side of the jaw can become elongated as they grow into the space.

4. Changes to facial appearance

The loss of teeth can change the way a person's facial structure is when jawbone tissue begins to disintegrate. It makes a person appear wrinkled and older. It can also lead to cheeks becoming hollow.

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