Why Is Fastbraces the Better Solution?

Why Is Fastbraces the Better Solution?

Everyone would agree that traditional braces are an effective solution to help fix misaligned teeth. However, a lot of people find the discomfort and inconvenience associated with its long setting time annoying.

You don’t have to worry, though. Fastbraces® is a revolutionary orthodontics alternative. It offers the same user benefits as traditional braces. But this treatment is faster and without the many setbacks that traditional braces usually pose.

What Is Fastbraces®?

Fastbraces® is a modern corrective treatment that can give you an all-in-one solution to many dental conditions. This can range from crooked, overcrowded teeth to bad bites. This new-age system of easy, safe, and affordable braces is changing the world of orthodontics. Its streamlined treatment process gives outstanding results.

Why Is Fastbraces® Your Best Option?

Improved Technology

Traditional braces typically move your teeth into proper position in two stages, often for a couple of years. Your first year of treatment will likely be focused on moving the crown of your tooth into alignment. Then, the second year will address the position of the root of your tooth.

Nevertheless, the brackets used with Fastbraces® function at a different mechanical principle. The patented system involves the use of an ingenious triangular bracket and specially designed square wire to move the root of your tooth into the correct position. This even happens from the very beginning of your treatment. This innovative combination is key in properly aligning both the root and the crown of your tooth simultaneously. Unlike other treatments that do so separately in multiple stages.

Quicker Results

Fastbraces® is a groundbreaking technology. This treatment now allows a patient to straighten their teeth in a shorter period of time than traditional braces. A treatment with traditional braces takes about 18 months to two years to get satisfactory results. However, Fastbraces® can provide a patient with a beautiful smile full of straight teeth in less than a month or so.

Fewer appointments will allow you to spend more time enjoying life. This, in turn, makes Fastbraces® hassle-free and more cost-effective compared to traditional braces. If you are a busy adult, your best option for teeth-straightening is Fastbraces® here in our Matteson office.

More Comfortable

Aside from the significantly faster results with Fastbraces®, the unique square wire used in this amazing technology also allows more flexibility than traditional braces. Fastbraces® tends to have low mean frictional forces. This makes the procedure less painful as you straighten your teeth or fit your front and back teeth perfectly together. The old treatments use multiple wires that need to be adjusted repeatedly, which can cause discomfort in a patient’s mouth. On the other hand, Fastbraces® is user-friendly and a pleasure to wear. Besides, the faster process reduces the chances of it potentially becoming abrasive on your gums or causing sores or cavities.

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