What Is the Difference Between Implants and Permanent Dentures?

What Is the Difference Between Implants and Permanent Dentures?

Having removable or permanent dentures can be daunting if you do not have the right information. You can get benefits to alleviate the stress that comes with damaged teeth. Dental implants such as frames or metal bases in place of where your teeth were being helpful. However, there are differences between permanent dentures and implants.

Both implants and permanent dentures are an alternative to natural teeth. They are beneficial and equally functional. Also, taking part in oral hygiene is crucial. Whether you prefer one of the two options, having conclusive information is important. Here are some points to consider.

Dental Implants:

Comfort: Implants offer higher comfort levels because they are firmly attached to your gums. This eliminates the chances of slippage. They are surgically placed in your jawbone, mimicking the position in your natural teeth roots. After some time to heal, restoration is possible. This includes dental crowns or partial dentures. Bridging is also an option.

Health Factors: If you have a weak gum or jaw, permanent dentures are advisable. On the other hand, implants require stronger features that can support the operation and sustain the new implant.

Easy Maintainability: Although it might cost more to get dental implants, they need little to no maintenance. They can last a lifetime if you take care of them like natural teeth. They also look, feel, and function as your natural teeth.

Bone Loss Prevention: If there is an empty tooth-space, your jawbone starts deteriorating due to the lack of stimulation. Since implants replace the roots as well, it provides the stimulation needed to keep your jawbone naturally healthy.

On the other hand, dental implants are expensive. Most dental insurance plans do not cover these implants. The operation takes a long time, and so does the healing. The procedure is invasive, but it can get you the results you want.

Permanent Dentures:

Longer Life: Permanent dentures are not only robust and long-lasting, but they also provide an even distribution of your biting force. They enable you to eat easily and speak comfortably.

Reasonable Pricing: Dentures are less expensive and can save you unnecessary pain when it is the absolute solution. Unlike implants, dental insurance covers permanent dentures, which can be beneficial when considering what option to take.

A Faster Healing Period: Getting permanent dentures involves shorter surgery and faster healing in comparison to implants. It is a less invasive procedure and gives an easier post-operation experience. Also, they provide great facial support that maintains your natural and youthful look.

The right fit: If you get a well-fitting denture, it can last for decades. They can be easily replaced after this period. Giving dentures regular dental care and good oral hygiene can prolong this period.

However, dentures require regular cleaning and careful care. They also need a considerable adjustment period when you start to use them. Even though they are custom-made to your mouth, you will need time to adjust to the feel, eat, and how you speak. Also, replacing them after a few years is important.

Getting the right dentist for a dental implant or permanent dentures is important. If you get low-quality dental care, it can lead to health impediments such as infection and decay. If you are searching for the right dentures or information concerning any dental procedure, please visit Progressive Dental & Associates at our offices in Matteson, Illinois. You can also call us at 708-980-0110 today to book an appointment.