Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Posted on: November 16, 2017

Sedation DentistryThe lack of comfort is what holds millions of people back from obtaining the dental care their teeth and gums deserve. One visit with a sedation dentist has the potential to radically alter how a patient feels about the dental care process.

If you are hesitant to try sedation dentistry due to a lack of information, questions about sedatives or any other concerns, this helpful FAQ will address everything of relevance.

Why is sedation dentistry ideal for those with a dental phobia?

The sedatives in sedation dentistry alleviate all patient nervousness and fear. The patient reaches a state of calmness that allows for a painless procedure. The patient might not remember much of the procedure or the time leading up to it. There are even sedation medications that we can use without an injection. This is the perfect solution for those who face an otherwise crippling dental phobia.

How long does the typical treatment take when under sedation?

Sedation dentistry reduces the amount of time necessary for treatments with patients who have difficulty with dental checkups. The patient is completely relaxed so work can be performed in a highly efficient manner. It is possible to accomplish several visits worth of treatment into a single appointment that takes a few hours.

The best part is the patient thinks only a few minutes have gone by when in reality, several hours have passed. Sedation dentists are trained to keep the patient’s perspective in mind at all times.

Will an injection be necessary?

You will likely receive an injection in the mouth to reduce pain. If it is not applied to the mouth, it will be applied to the treatment area. Sedation dentistry heightens the threshold for pain so you will not even feel the injection. You might not even remember the injection taking place.

Are different types of sedation medications available?

Yes. There are different types of sedation medications. Examples of sedatives used during dental procedures include tranquilizers, depressants, nitrous oxide and anti-anxiety medications. The ultimate aim of this approach is to reduce your fear and anxiety.

Should a friend or family member be available to help?

Yes. Bring a friend or family member with you to your sedation dentistry appointment. This assistant can drive you home following your procedure. There is no sense in worrying about driving after sedation dentistry when a trusting friend or family member can do the driving.

Can a child be sedated?

While child sedation may be possible for an oral health issue, it will heavily depend on the case. Your pediatric dentist can recommend a treatment but all sorts of factors are in play, ranging from the child’s medical history to an analysis of X-rays and so on. If sedation is necessary, the child will receive it with the assistance of a skilled team that has the experience necessary to keep patients of all ages perfectly calm and safe throughout the duration of the procedure.

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