6 Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth With Permanent Dentures

6 Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth With Permanent Dentures

The longer you wait to replace your missing teeth, it becomes difficult and costly. It is vital to keep this in mind and replace your missing teeth as soon as possible. One way to do this is by using dentures. You do not have to get complete dentures if there is no need. You can get partial dentures to fill in the missing teeth.

You may need some time to contemplate and make your decision on how you should replace your missing teeth. But as you do that, here are six reasons you should replace them with permanent dentures.

Natural Looking


Dentures closely resemble your teeth. They will prevent your teeth from shifting, the natural response of the remaining teeth when others are missing. When they do, they may look weird and draw attention when you smile. But dentures will help your appearance, and you will not change much. They will not draw attention and questions.

You will feel happy and more confident to smile and give speeches during meetings and events. Dentures will allow you to live a fulfilling life without cutting back on your responsibilities and activities.

Restore Function


Eating with dentures when they are new can be uncomfortable. However, missing teeth lower your ability to chew and can sometimes affect your speech. Thus, it is necessary to replace them. Start with soft foods when you get your dentures. Cut it into small pieces so you can chew it without much difficulty.

As you adapt to your dentures, you can gradually add other foods and return to your usual diet. However, be careful of hot drinks and foods with sharp bones. They can ruin your dentures. Also, take care when eating sticky foods, and don’t use toothpicks on dentures.

Quick Solution


Dentures are a quick solution for missing teeth, leaving minimal time for the remaining teeth to shift. However, the time to make them depends on whether the dentures are full or partial. They can take a few days or six weeks to finish. They will be ready to wear, and you can resume your daily activities. 

Permanent but Removable


Although your dentures are permanent, they are also removable. There are several benefits to this. One of them is that they are easier to care for and clean. It is also an advantage to your oral care routine. You can remove bacteria and plaque that may hide between these teeth. Hence, remember to rinse your dentures after eating and soak them in their solution every night.

Facial Shape


They fill out your facial features and remove that hollow appearance your cheeks get due to missing teeth. Without your teeth, your facial muscles start to sag, and you look older. Dentures prevent this.



Dentures are an affordable way to replace your missing teeth. They are cost-effective, and you do not need to undergo painful surgeries to install them. Thus, you save money, look good, and have good oral health simultaneously.

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