How You Can Ease Your Dental Anxiety

Posted on: July 2, 2018

If you have dental anxiety, you should understand that you are not powerless. The little-known truth is most people have at least slight dental anxiety. Even those who have been to the dentist's office dozens of times typically feel slightly nervous about upcoming appointments. Below, we detail several strategies that will reduce or even eliminate your dental anxiety.

Apply these strategies and your experience at the dentist's office will prove that much more relaxing.

How to handle dental anxiety stemming from bad experiences in the past

Plenty of people have dental anxiety as a result of negative experiences at the dentist's office during adolescence. New patients should make the dentist and dental hygienists aware of their dental anxiety, explaining exactly what went wrong in the past, and they will do everything possible to prevent a similar experience.

How to ease dental anxiety caused by embarrassment

If someone is embarrassed about their oral health or the look of their teeth, gums or lips, they might be hesitant to visit with the dentist. Some patients go years or even decades without a dental exam or cleaning. If someone delays treatment, is concerned about what the dentist might say or feels ashamed about their mouth's condition, they have created a larger problem than actually exists. Do not lose sight of the fact that dentists and dental hygienists have seen just about everything, from severely discolored teeth to extreme halitosis, broken teeth and beyond. There is absolutely no reason to be self-conscious about the condition of one’s teeth when visiting the dentist. None of the dental professionals in our office will cast judgment. Our dental team is here to help by rebuilding patients’ oral health.

Concerns about potential pain

Plenty of people refuse to visit with the dentist, as they expect the treatment or procedure will hurt. If a patient is nervous about possible discomfort, they should communicate their concern to the dentist. They will provide anesthesia that makes the patient comfortable to the point that they feel absolutely no pain. If the patient is hesitant to let the dentist use needles, nitrous oxide in the form of laughing gas can be used instead. This will settle the nerves, dull the senses and help the patient make it through the dental procedure without drama.

If the fear of dental procedures and treatments is extreme, consider the merits of sedation dentistry. Once sedated, the dental procedure will prove surprisingly comfortable. A patient might not even remember the treatment, procedure, cleaning or other dental work upon waking from the sedative-induced state.

Schedule your dental appointment today

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