How Long Does Oral Sedation Last?

Posted on: January 16, 2019

Oral sedation is also known as dental sedation and it is commonly used during oral surgeries or invasive dental procedures. Dentist, oral surgeons or other dental specialists typically provide sedation when a patient has anxiety or fears about having dental procedures or oral surgeries done.

Oral sedation is typically that of pill form – a patient may consume this the night before their procedure or the day of.

While oral or dental sedation is used to help patients, some may also fear it itself because of the unfamiliarity with being unconscious or the unknowing of when they might wake up. Being aware of how long oral or dental sedation lasts can help a person be more comfortable with undergoing it. Today, we will address how long oral and dental sedation can last.

How long does oral sedation last?

Because there are a few different types of oral or dental sedation, knowing about each kind can help determine how long it will last. Below, we have listed the different methods as well as how long each will last:


The use of valium as oral sedation for dental procedures is typically advised when a patient is expecting to have a very involved and extensive procedure. Dentists or oral surgeons recommend valium for patients that have a greater fear of the procedure or for one that may incur a lot of pain during the procedure. Valium typically wears off after 4-6 hours but it is advised that a patient is driven home by a friend or family member because the effects can often linger.


Another common oral sedation method is the use of Ativan which is advised to use for procedures that may extend past two hours. Ativan is also commonly used for anxiety so dentists and oral surgeons are likely to recommend this for patients that may be fearful of their procedure. It is also advised that a patient has someone drive them home after the procedure because a patient can feel the effects for a couple of hours after.


For short procedures that don’t involve a lot of pain or discomfort, a dentist may advise that their patient take versed. It is the perfect oral sedation method for small and simple procedures, however, it is effective for people who are anxious or scared of dental procedures. The effects do not last as long, other than being drowsy. A person may feel them for a few hours after administration.


Oral sedation is common for a lot of people who may be experiencing anxiety or fear from dental procedures. A lot of dentists and oral surgeons will work with their patient to make them feel comfortable and prescribing oral sedation can often do that. Knowing how long these methods of sedation will last can help a person who is curious about what options they have.

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