How Can Dental Veneers Look Natural?

How Can Dental Veneers Look Natural?

Dental veneers are a practical and effective way to cover up dental imperfections, such as gaps, discoloration, or cracks. When done well, they can instantly improve the appearance of your smile. However, many people end up with unnatural-looking teeth in their quest to achieve the perfect smile. 


What Are Dental Veneers?


These are thin, tooth-colored shells that dentists permanently bond to the front surface of teeth to enhance their appearance. They can help address several cosmetic concerns, such as discolored, broken, chipped, crooked, or abnormally-sized teeth.


You may only need one veneer if you have a chipped or broken tooth. However, your dentist may recommend six to eight veneers to create a symmetrical and even smile. 


Can You Get Natural-looking Dental Veneers?


In some cases, veneers might end up looking fake. If you want them to look naturally beautiful, you should look for a skilled and knowledgeable orthodontist. It would also help to choose the right quality, contour, and color to make them look natural.


What Can Affect the Natural Appearance of Veneers?


It is critical to choose the right cosmetic dentist while remembering that the cheapest options are unlikely to be the best. Furthermore, the lab your dentist employs can significantly impact the appearance of your veneers. Apart from that, several other factors will determine how natural they appear. These include:


  • The Color


The color you choose is arguably the most important determining factor. Avoid fake-looking tints if you do not want your veneers to look unnatural. Although dental veneers can drastically brighten your smile, you do not necessarily have to choose the whitest tint. Instead, go for a more natural-looking shade that will still give you a gorgeous smile.


  • The Shape


Another benefit of veneers is that they can change the contours of your teeth to improve your smile. Their shape can influence how fake they appear. It is best to ask your dentist for the shape that will appear natural on you.


  • The Material


Porcelain, composite, zirconia, and e-max are the most common materials used to make veneers. Each has specific benefits and drawbacks. However, most patients prefer porcelain veneers to enhance translucency and create a realistic-looking smile. 


  • The Thickness


To place a porcelain veneer, your dentist will remove a thin layer of tooth structure. Most patients choose porcelain veneers since they are thin or ultra-thin. Unnatural-looking dental veneers tend to be too thick, calling attention to themselves. Furthermore, they tend to be opaque. 


  • The Spacing


The spacing of your veneers can affect the appearance of your smile. Even if you want to close a gap between your teeth, your dentist should leave a little space between your natural teeth and veneers for a more natural look. 




Are you considering getting veneers? As with other cosmetic dentistry procedures, you should have realistic expectations and choose a dentist with a good eye. You do not need to recreate an ultraglamorous, red-carpet look. You can use veneers to achieve subtle, natural-looking results. A good dentist can tailor them to meet your idea of the perfect smile.


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