Front Tooth Crown Treatment

Posted on: February 16, 2018

Tooth CrownIn certain situations, dentists decide it is prudent to place a crown on a front tooth. Front tooth crowns are comprised of materials that match the color of the teeth. In most cases, front teeth crowns are made of resin or porcelain that matches the tooth’s hue. Such substances are resistant to stains.

Front Tooth Crowns

Why Front Teeth are Crowned

There are numerous situations in which a front crown is necessary. In the majority of such instances, the front teeth are provided with crowns for the purpose of restoration. However, it is also possible to add a front tooth crown for aesthetic improvement. The National Institutes of Health reports the most common reasons for front tooth crowns include extensive decay, a break, significant damage like a crack or treatment with a root canal. The front teeth tend to be crowned with a ceramic material while the molars are often crowned with porcelain connected to metal. Ceramic is used on the front teeth as it is visually pleasing. Furthermore, there is no need for a highly durable metal for the front teeth as there is minimal pressure on them compared to the molars during the chewing process.

The dentist will provide a natural-colored crown that is precisely coordinated with the aesthetics of your natural teeth. He or she will consider the color of the nearby teeth prior to placing the crown. If you are looking for a whiter hue on your teeth, it will have to be altered before the crown is placed. Otherwise, the crown will look a bit darker than the surrounding teeth. Most patients find porcelain crowns look the most real as this material reflects light in the same way natural enamel reflects light. Alternatively, porcelain fused with metal tends to stand out due to its opaque appearance.

Preparing the Front Teeth for Crowning

It will take two or more dental visits to complete your front tooth crown. This will require an x-ray so the tooth can be viewed in addition to the adjacent bone. If the dentist finds serious decay or an infection, a root canal might be necessary. The tooth that needs to be capped will be sightly filed to permit room for the cap.

A paste or putty impression is used to guarantee the crown fits as it should. The lab creates the caps while you wear a temporary crown. It might take upwards of three weeks for the permanent cap to be produced and placed. This is a small price to pay for a lovely-looking front tooth crown you are proud to put on display.

How to Take Care of Your Front Tooth Crown

Caring for a front tooth crown is not that different from caring for regular teeth. Floss and brush each day. Visit with your dentist every six months to guarantee the crown is stable and no damage is present. Use a gel toothpaste to ensure the entire mouth is clean, cavity-free and healthy. Do not select a toothpaste that is abrasive as it might damage the crown. Do your best to avoid damaging your front tooth crown. A seemingly innocent habit like chewing your nails or biting hard candy can crack or chip the porcelain.

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