Does Invisalign Work for Crowded Teeth

Does Invisalign Work for Crowded Teeth

Overcrowding in dental terms refers to a situation where there is not enough room in your jaw to accommodate all your teeth comfortably. This type of malocclusion can develop into a more serious problem if left unchecked. Crowded teeth can result in plaque accumulation and lead to higher chances of tooth decay and gum disease.

Invisalign can help with dental overcrowding, in addition to other issues. Visit an orthodontist familiar with Invisalign for information on specific treatment options. There are other options such as aesthetics and braces, which is why visiting an expert will give you the best option.

Problems That Crowded Teeth Cause

If you have crowded teeth, you may have trouble brushing and flossing properly. This can lead to a buildup of tartar, plaque, and other harmful bacteria. Eventually, this will not only result in gum disease and tooth decay but can worsen your crowding situation.

How Invisalign Works

When a dental professional discovers crowded teeth early, he or she can treat it with ease. Invisalign can treat overcrowding of teeth effectively. This very convenient and noninvasive approach not only corrects overcrowding but also straightens an individual’s smile. It works through a set of clear and removable aligners that are custom-made for your mouth.

Orthodontists use 3-D imaging to take your mouth’s measurements. They then create a set of aligners that you wear throughout the treatment process. Patients to the treatment wear a set of the aligners for one to two weeks. They only remove them to eat or when brushing. As teeth straighten gradually, you progress from one set of these aligners to the next.

Why Use Invisalign for Crowded Teeth?

There are plenty of reasons why you should use Invisalign if you have crowded teeth, including:

  • Good Dental Cleanliness. Patients using Invisalign only remove them when eating, drinking, or brushing. This allows the teeth to remain considerably clean and free of food particles throughout the day.
  • Better Physical Appearance. Invisalign aligners, as the name suggests, are hardly noticeable. Unlike metal braces, they are clear and made of plastic. This makes these aligners more appealing to most people with crowded teeth issues.
  • Aligners Are Removable. Orthodontists recommend that aligners be used for at least 22 hours a day. However, you can remove Invisalign aligners at any time. This means they have a lesser effect on your lifestyle than traditional metal braces. If you use Invisalign, you can participate in your favorite activities, such as sports or playing instruments.
  • Customizable Approach. Each Invisalign aligner is custom-made, exactly to fit your orthodontic situation. This means that this approach is more comfortable than most alternative treatments to crowded teeth.

Technological enhancements in the dental field ensure more orthodontists are developing their experience in using Invisalign. This means that more possibilities are opening up, reducing traditional limitations. Dental professionals are addressing more complicated cases successfully using Invisalign. This was not the case a few years back.


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