Dentures vs. Dental Implants

Dentures vs. Dental Implants

An attractive smile is a powerful attribute to own. The general consensus is that people who have great-looking teeth are healthier, happier, more desirable to have as a partner, and generally more successful in life. Unfortunately, very few of us are happy with our teeth, and for a percentage of the population, tooth loss is a very real problem that prevents us from being confident about the appearance of our smile.

Thankfully, there are several dental treatments available that can restore your teeth and help you to find your smile again. Two of the most popular solutions are dentures and dental implants.  Here is what you need to know about each to help you decide which is right for you.


Dentures may have had a bad reputation in the past, but modern dentures have evolved a great deal over the last century. Today, they are more comfortable and more natural-looking than ever before.

Dentures are used to replace a full or partial arch of missing teeth. They comprise of a series of artificial teeth which are usually made from porcelain. These are attached to a flesh-colored, acrylic mold that sits over the top of your gums and acts as a base for the prosthetic teeth. Many patients choose to attach their dentures using the traditional method of denture adhesive. This sticky substance secures the dentures in place for the duration of the day, and they can and should be removed at night for cleaning. However, some people find that the adhesive used to secure dentures isn’t always very reliable and this can lead to the dentures slipping, moving around or even falling out.

Other issues that have been cited that relate to wearing dentures include:

  •  Rubbing of the dentures against the gum which causes soreness.
  • Extensive effort that needs to be made to clean the dentures as, in addition to soaking them in a glass of water with a cleaning solution, they must also be brushed.
  • Their fragility, which means that they must be handled with extreme care otherwise they could break.
  • The maintenance which is required to keep them in excellent condition.

It is now possible to have implant-supported dentures. These combine the design of conventional dentures with the technique used to place dental implants – another highly popular tooth replacement solution that we will talk about next.

Dental Implants

If you are able to invest a little more time and money in your smile, then you may like to consider dental implants to restore your missing teeth. Dental implants use a fairly new and innovative technique to replace missing teeth, with the key principle behind them lying in their use of an artificial root.

All of our natural teeth have roots to support them. You lose the tooth and you lose the root. This means that in conventional tooth loss solutions, the only way to secure your prosthetic teeth is to attach them to the gums or remaining healthy teeth. Both of these are less than ideal. However, with dental implants, the artificial root, which is made from a titanium post, is placed directly into the jawbone. The bone heals around the post, anchoring it permanently into the jaw, before the visible part of the solution – a dental crown – is attached to it using a special connector.

Dental implants can be color-matched so that they are identical to your natural teeth, and you can choose to have just one or a number of implants, as they can be placed on a tooth by tooth basis.

Key benefits of dental implants include:

  • Discretion, since they look and feel just like regular teeth.
  • Stability. Dental implants don’t slip and move around like dentures and bridges can.
  • Reinforcement of the jawbone, which can start to deteriorate if there is no tooth root to stimulate it.
  • Permanence.
  • Easy to clean since they can be brushed and flossed just like regular teeth.
  • Long-lasting. Some people have been known to have dental implants that last upwards of 15 years!

If you have missing teeth and are wondering about the best way to restore your smile, our expert dental team would be happy to help. Contact us today to schedule you confidential consultation.