Considering Dental Implants? Things to Ask Your Dentist

Considering Dental Implants? Things to Ask Your Dentist

Anyone planning for a tooth extraction or has a missing tooth is likely to consider getting a dental implant. If you fall into this category, you may have many questions for your dentist. Read on to make an informed decision about dental implants.


How Soon Can One Get Dental Implants After an Extraction?


Your specialist will determine if you have adequate bone at the implant site before considering you eligible for the dental implant procedure. Patients can get their implants in one of the recommended three periods based on their dentist’s recommendations. 


You can get it immediately, after two to three months, usually called an early placement, or three to 12 months, also known as delayed placement. Ideally, visit your dental specialist for a consultation to help determine the appropriate course for your treatment.


Is the Dental Implant Procedure Painful?


You may not feel any discomfort or pain during the procedure. Your specialist will numb your mouth before the surgery. The actual numbing process may have more discomfort at the moment than the actual dental implant procedure.


What Is Recovery Like After the Procedure?


The first week following the procedure typically presents slight discomfort at the implant site. The first 24 hours entail experiencing slight swelling and bruising. Call your dentist if the pain lasts two weeks or more after the dental implant procedure.


What Are the Disadvantages of Getting Dental Implants?


Your reasons for getting a dental implant can outweigh any negatives if you need a tooth extraction or have a missing tooth. However, everyone can have a different experience. The dental implant procedure can have potential side effects. 


The complications and risks include jaw fractures, infection, nerve damage, prolonged bleeding, and delayed bone healing. However, the side effects mentioned are quite rare.


What Can One Eat After Getting a Dental Implant?


A dental implant comprises three parts. There is the crown, abutment, and titanium post. The implant is robust and allows one to chew various kinds of foods. But the crown part can fall out or crack with enough force. Therefore, individuals with dental implants should be careful about eating foods that can pull out the crown, like hard candy or caramel apples.


What Should One Avoid Doing After Getting a Dental Implant?


Modern techniques make a dental implant procedure minimally invasive. However, it is still vital to note that it is a dental surgery. You may experience slight discomfort and pain at the implant site during the first 24 hours following the surgery. 


As a result, drinking and eating, as usual, may not be as seamless as before. Fortunately, you can resume your routine in the following week. Avoid doing anything that can disrupt healing after getting a dental implant, like eating hot foods or using a straw to drink.


Will People Know If One Has a Dental Implant?


The modern dental implants used today look like your natural teeth. Doctors create them to match the shape and color of the missing tooth. As a result, people around you may not tell the difference between the implant and your natural teeth.


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