What Is the Success Rate of Invisalign?

What Is the Success Rate of Invisalign?

Many people struggle with crowded, crooked, or misaligned teeth. One of the most effective solutions for this orthodontic issue is the use of metal braces. Luckily, there’s another popular option that can help fix the problem. This cosmetic dentistry treatment is known as Invisalign®. It’s a removable clear set of aligners made of hard plastic that fits in your mouth. But what is the success rate of Invisalign?


Clinical Effectiveness of Invisalign

Are you thinking of getting Invisalign braces? You will be thrilled to know that this technology offers a seamless experience and a high success rate. In fact, a 2018 systematic review arrived at promising conclusions. Invisalign could treat mild non-extraction treatment cases of malocclusion faster. These aligners can also safely straighten dental arches when leveling and turning the teeth back.


Another 2018 study explored patient satisfaction following the use of Invisalign and fixed dental appliances. What they observed is that both Invisalign and the conventional bracket-based modality had the same satisfaction outcomes statistically. But the subjects who used Invisalign reported a higher satisfaction rate for eating and chewing.


Unsurprisingly, a recent survey showed that nine out of 10 Invisalign patients say they’d recommend this orthodontic treatment to their family and friends.


Reasons Why Invisalign Has a High Satisfaction Rate

Invisalign was initially designed to address low to moderate problems of teeth crowding. But its ongoing research and development have provided treatment even for more complex cases of crooked teeth or poor bite. Here are the key reasons why many people opt for Invisalign than traditional metal braces:

It’s Comfortable.

If you’ve worn metal braces before, you’d know how uncomfortable and even painful they are. Many patients complain about their braces rubbing up against the insides of their lips, then cutting their mouth. But with Invisalign, the plastic is smooth, and the process is so gradual. As a result, there’s little to no discomfort at all upon switching to a new aligner.

It’s Removable.

Another reason why many patients opt for Invisalign is that the clear aligners can be taken out anytime. You can remove your Invisalign when you need to drink, eat, or brush and floss your teeth. This flexibility offers you more control than fixed appliances, which also tend to trap more food debris.


It’s More Natural-Looking.

As the name suggests, Invisalign braces are nearly invisible. Patients used to endure an awkward-looking smile with their metal braces before they can see the improvement. With Invisalign treatment, the clear plastic aligners are almost unnoticeable. This allows patients to enjoy the process of correcting their smiles.


Invisalign’s success rate depends on your orthodontist’s diagnosis and the treatment plan. Your cooperation is also a factor. This means that your treatment may not succeed if you don’t wear your aligners as directed. Do you want to learn more about Invisalign technology? At Progressive Dental & Associates, our team of experts can help you achieve that perfect smile you desire. Call our office today in Matteson, Illinois, at (708) 980-0110 to schedule an appointment.